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Speaker: Marko Panc


Systems Engineer/DevOps/Security Specialist. Currently spends his time orchestrating deployments and implementing a cloud monitoring system. Previously worked at one of the world biggest logistic companies and at the world's biggest CDN provider.

Currently Systems team lead at NSoft, where he does deployment orchestration and aims to have a full dockerized cloud environment supporting a medium sized company.
Implementing bleeding edge technologies and never shy of deploying something production-wise. Going from research to implementation and deployment in a matter of days, failing fast if needed. Writes python to make our configuration manager of choice, saltstack, better fitting to our needs and also implementing a cloud monitoring solution and notification engine.
At NSoft, Marko also assist production availability issues, working together with developers and half a dozen providers, triaging problems.

He previously worked in Akamai, being directly hired by the newly acquired Prolexic. There his primary task was DDoS mitigation and secondary CDN optimization and Security analytics. Was part of the first extra-US core security response team. During that time he personally took part of events which altered the global network landscape , operating at a scale of 150k+ servers and 6 dedicated DDoS Scrubbing Centres.
Before that he worked at the third biggest logistic company, taking care of Solaris system administration and Oracle databases.

Marko likes to troubleshoot and to provide solutions to problems before they occur which can involve any application, at any level of the stack.
A fond reader of RFC’s and adapter of new technologies with a focus on methodology and standards.

Born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, he spend some years living in Poland and Germany, returning back home after a half a year trip in Asia.