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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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When and where is the BalCCon2k16 going to happen?

September 9th to 11th 2016


Master Centar Novi Sad.png

Congress Centre
Novi Sad Fair
Hajduk Veljkova 11
21000 Novi Sad

Geo Coordinates:




Who is organizing this event?

LUGoNS is one of the oldest hacker communities in Serbia and we have existed successfully for more then a decade and have spread our knowledge and international experience. Organization team has scores of years of experience visiting, participating in and volunteering at hacker events of all sizes. This is our first attempt to organize such an event independently, with the help of friends from all around the world!

Wau Holland Foundation from Hamburg and Berlin - A foundation in memory of Herwart "Wau" Holland-Moritz

Numerous documentaries and texts on and by data philosopher and visionary Wau Holland show how he influenced the world both as a public figure and the doyen and co-founder of the Chaos Computer Club throughout several decades until his untimely death on July 29, 2001. The area of conflict between new technology and media on the one hand, and ubiquitous surveillance on the other, risks and opportunities in information technology: these were key points Wau covered in his copious talks and public speeches. He developed and refined concepts like hacker ethics and teaching young people about the joy and passion in technology while stressing and showing the society's role therein. Through founding the Chaos Computer Club in 1981, Wau Holland paved the way for hackers into legality and social responsibility. He continued to be a huge influence and a voice to be heard. It was on the day of Wau's funeral in Marburg that five of his closest friends set up the Wau Holland Foundation in his memory, supported by his family who also gave the initial funding. In December 2003, the Foundation was registered as a tax-privileged charity.


  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Hardware hacking
  • Electronics
  • Panel Discussions
  • Presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • Films
  • Performances
  • Art Installations
  • Things That No One Has Thought Of

Call for Participation

What are you looking for?

We're looking for fresh content in the areas of information security, hardware hacking, biohacking, sustainability, maker culture, net politics and the intersection of technology and society in general.

What will the audience be then?

About 500 geeks from across Europe and even further across the globe.

But do you think I'm good enough?

We don't know yet, just submit already. We'll judge your submission entirely arbitrarily in the sense that if you have a track record of being a good speaker you're far less likely to be turned down than if you're a complete unknown. We want both you and the audience to have a good time.

Will my submission be turned down for being too technical?

That is the least likely reason for turning down a submission. We want to stay true to our roots.

I have a question that is not answered here. Where can I take it?

You can reach the orga team at orga (at) balccon.org.

Tickets, Pricing, Ticket Sale

Questions about Tickets, Pricing and Ticket Sale


VOLUNTEERS BalCCon is highly self-organized and dependent on volunteers , we need your help. First and foremost, we need eager volunteers to help on-site with the intricate details of organizing a conference for hundreds of people.

Accommodation and Travel

Questions on where to stay

Questions on how to get there