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workshop: Brace Yo'Self: DDoS Is Coming

DDoS Workshop


A workshop about DDoS attacks - from theoretical & high-level analysis of DDoS attacks, DDoS-4-Hire to case studies and practical demonstration of protocol-based and application-based attacks.

The interactive workshop starts with a DDoS attack being done against an organization, demonstrating the vague nature of such attacks. From there we continue to:
• Learning about DDoS attack techniques - network & application, with different grades of sophistication. This includes live demos.
• Mapping assets, and addressing common organizational assets
• Going through the DDoS defense blocks, both in the organizational/procedural level and the layers of protection which can be used for such attacks
• Getting ready to Dday - Common pitfalls & training
• Network changes & configurations when under attack
• Communicating the attack
• DDoS Day - the attack is on! An interactive "wargame" including a "cockpit" control of data, which is displayed according to the mitigation steps carried out by the participants


Day: 2016-09-11
Start time: 14:45
Duration: 01:00
Room: Pupin



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