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lecture: Exploring the IoT attack surface

Breaking or Liberating the brave new IoT world.


This talk will try and give a crash course how to analyze IoT things and gadgets, either from the security analysis side (exploitation) or software liberation (obtaining root and modifying your device)

The IoT fad is here to stay, since some people think that connecting every possible device in our physical environment to the hostile cesspit of the Internet is a good idea. From wearable devices that can deduce our medical data like the amount of exercise you take, your sleep patterns, heart rate patterns to various other popular gimmicks that make life easier, we network more and more systems that weren't designed with security in mind.

We analyzed some existing research and publicly available data and did some digging of our own to try and see what are the possibilities in breaking IoT systems. This talk will try and help the audience get a bootstrap in how to start seeking our vulnerabilities in your devices since on the other end of the equation, if we help the developers of IoT systems to perceive the model of attacks and threats against the devices they create, we will all benefit from a safer ecosystem.

In this talk we will explore the wider classes of vulnerabilities in the IoT and embedded ecosystem, and we will focus our attention on exploring the IoT thing attack surface. In the short 30 minutes of this talk, i will try and share the mindset and the basic skillset how to analyze IoT infrastructures for security weaknesses in order to build more secure systems or simply liberate your devices and obtain the famed root access on them.


Day: 2016-09-10
Start time: 21:45
Duration: 01:00
Room: Tesla



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