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workshop: Build a Geiger Counter

Environmental monitoring with Open Source Hardware


This is an Open Source Digital Radiation Dosimeter, that can be used both as a portable Radiation detector showing all readings on its LCD, but also as a monitoring station, thanks to the integrated Ethernet connectivity . It can also be hacked and modded easily, the beauty of open source:

The workshop
This workshop provides all components and tools, but also the guidance and instructions to build your own digital radiation Geiger counter. With this device you can measure radioactivity of various materials, detect contaminated areas, or do various physics experiments. The circuit and backend infrastructure have been designed by Radu Motisan from Timisoara, Romania.

Your personal Radiation Dosimeter
uRADMonitor KIT1, features an LCD screen where you can see all readings and unit parameters. It also features an Ethernet module that can be used to connect the unit directly to your Internet router. By doing so, you can integrate the unit as a Radiation sensor in your home automation system, you can access the data directly in your LAN, or can have the measurements sent automatically to the global radiation monitoring network, available on

Modding and Hacking
These dosimeters where made so that they can be hacked and modded easily, the beauty of open source. There is an extension port that you can use to connect additional sensors.

Source code
The design files for the dosimeters are available on Github:


Day: 2016-09-10
Start time: 13:45
Duration: 03:00
Room: Pupin




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