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A beginners guide to tmux(1)


A beginners guide to the Terminal Multiplexer "tmux". We will show you, why you can't work productivly wihout it and how you can customize it to your preferences and needs. There will be "Eye Candy" as well and possibly even some candy for questions asked.

Often, you will need multiple ssh sessions/windows open to one particular server or applications like installers should continue to even when the connection to the servers breaks. Or you want several people to work in the same console window.
All of these requirements can be solved by a "Terminal Multiplexer".
We will show you "tmux", the de-facto standard for Terminal Multiplexers in the Linux and BSD world, will give tips on configuring and beautifying the user interface and will demo serveral interesting usecases.


Day: 2016-09-10
Start time: 19:45
Duration: 00:45
Room: Pupin



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