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lecture: NodeJS and electronic world development for N00bs

Introduction to NodeJS and Web Techologies for Connection -> Electronics


This lecture aims to provide attendees with an introduction to node-js development. We will go over the basics of node-js with an emphasis on electronics and robotics concepts. Principles of javascript and nodejs development will be shown.

At the end of this introductory lecture, attendees will have enough knowledge to;

Basics of Javascript
Basics of Node-js
How to communicate outside world
Connect electronic devices
Basics of electronics and understand how to connect via software

The following topics will be covered during the lecture;

1. Introduction
a) General talk about today status of node-js/java script
b) Web technologies
c) What is JS ?
d) What is NodeJS ?

2. Basics of Javascripts
a) Syntax
b) Usage
c) Run it (include demos)

3.) Basics of NodeJS
a) Syntax
b) Usage
c) Run it (include demos)

4.)Connecting Electronic World
a) How make connection ?
b) Connection types
c) How to use it.
d) Demos

5) Other tools
a) Android tools
b) Embedded tools
c) Different programming languages


Day: 2016-09-11
Start time: 15:30
Duration: 02:00
Room: Tesla



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